Updated guidance on the use of night vision aids and dawn surveys

Interim Guidance Note: Use of night vision aids for bat emergence surveys and further comment on dawn surveys, has just been published by the Bat Conservation Trust confirming that night vision aids are to become standard protocol for bat activity surveys over the next two years. The use of NVA’s improves the quality of information gained during dusk emergence surveys and will allow a transition away from the standard use of dawn surveys. There is also scope to reduce the number of surveyors required on site where adequate coverage can be achieved with cameras and static detectors.

We started using infra-red cameras to assist our surveyors during the 2021 bat survey season and were so impressed by the increased quality of our surveys that we have recently increased our capacity from four cameras to nine, along with more high powered IR illuminators allowing us to get the best HD footage.

We will be implementing the new guidance on a project by project basis ensuring that we get the best possible outcome for our clients, staff, and the bats.

Please get in touch to discuss your bat survey needs. If you want to see the sort of information we can gain from the use of night vision aids on a dusk emergence survey check out this cool footage from one of last seasons surveys click here.