Crayfish ARK site established

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The recent dry hot weather has been difficult for all wildlife with animals struggling for food and water, and wild fires in several west midlands nature reserves. Thankfully for white-clawed crayfish the Environment Agency & members of the Malvern Hills Crayfish Group came to their rescue to transfer animals from a drying riverbed in south Shropshire to a receptor ark site right here in the Malvern Hills.

The Malvern Hills Crayfish Group have been surveying and assessing sites over the past year in anticipation of establishing an isolated ark site where the native crayfish will be safe from the crayfish plague carrying invasive non-native American signal crayfish. Last week the Environment Agency translocated fifty-five animals from the River Redlake in south Shropshire to the receptor site under licence from Natural England. The Malvern Hills Crayfish Group will be monitoring the population and carrying out habitat management to further enhance the ARK site, for more details you can follow the Malvern Hills Crayfish Group UK | Facebook

With thanks to the Environment Agency, Natural England, Malvern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Herefordshire & Worcestershire Earth Heritage Trust, Madresfield Estate, and all the volunteers at the Malvern Hills Crayfish Group.