Nutrient Neutrality

Natural England are working with local planning authorities (LPAs) to introduce an initiative to ensure that wastewater produced by new homes does not add to the pollution of our rivers and coasts whilst allowing swifter planning decisions for developers.

Working in a similar fashion to Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) wastewater pollution from new developments can be mitigated on-site through restrictions on water use, and on-site treatment through mechanical or biological means, or off-site through the purchase of credits from LPAs the proceeds of which are used to offset pollution through the creation of nutrient capturing habitats such as wetland and woodland. Where LPA led schemes are not available or demand outstrips availability Natural England are leading a national Nutrient Mitigation Scheme to help fill in the gaps.

Nutrient Neutrality is being rolled out to 74 of the UK’s 333 LPAs including Malvern Hills District Council.