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Badgers and your development

If your Phase 1 Habitats Survey or Preliminary Ecological Appraisal identifies setts or signs of badger activity on or near your site further surveys will be required.

Initial badger assessments

Initial badger surveys can be conducted all year round but are most efficient during early spring or late autumn when badgers are active and vegetation levels are low making it easier to observe field signs. This initial walkover survey aims to identify, map and classify setts and signs of activity including paths, footprints, latrines, scratching posts, and signs of foraging.

Sett monitoring & bait marking

If badger setts are found and considered likely to be disturbed by your development proposal further investigation will be required to monitor use of the sett including camera traps and footprint traps.

For larger scale developments affecting multiple setts bait marking surveys may be required to locate territorial boundaries and link setts to particular badger groups.

Avoidance, mitigation & compensation.

Once all surveys have been completed we will assess the impacts of your proposed development and work with you to design a mitigation and compensation strategy to facilitate a badger friendly development.

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  • Initial badger surveys.
  • Sett monitoring.
  • Bait marking.
  • Avoidance, mitigation & compensation strategies.
  • Sett closure licence applications.
  • Artificial sett design & construction.
  • Temporary exclusions.
  • Sett closures.
  • Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW).