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Breeding bird surveys

When your preliminary ecological appraisal / extended phase 1 habitats survey identifies habitats likely to support Schedule 1 and other protected birds a breeding bird survey may be required.

Breeding bird surveys typically use the common bird census methodology recording and mapping the species, location, and behaviour of birds encountered on site over five to ten site visits between 15th March and 15th July. This information is then used to estimate the number of territories within the site and the approximate number of birds that do not hold territories.

Wintering bird surveys

When your preliminary ecological appraisal / extended phase 1 habitats survey identifies habitats likely to support populations of migratory species during the winter a wintering bird survey may be required.

Wintering bird surveys typically divide the site into areas and count species over several site visits between October and March with the peak season being November to February.

Barn owl surveys

Barn conversions and development of buildings in a rural setting may require a barn owl survey to identify evidence of roosting and nesting to assess the level and type of use of the site and develop a suitable avoidance, mitigation, and compensation strategy.

Desk studies, on-site scoping surveys, and investigative field surveys can be conducted throughout the year however nest verification can only be conducted between March and June.

Nesting bird checks

Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, as amended (section 1), it is an offence to remove, damage or destroy the nest of any wild bird while that nest is in use or being built. Planning consent for a development does not provide a defence against prosecution under this act. Trees, hedgerows, scrub, and some buildings are likely to contain nesting birds between 1st March and 31st August inclusive.

It is advised that no vegetation clearance occurs between the above dates, however, when this is not possible a nesting bird check can be conducted to confirm that no birds will be harmed and/or that there are appropriate measures in place to protect nesting bird interest on site.

All of our bird surveys are conducted by suitably knowledgeable, skilled, and appropriately licenced ecologists / ornithologists.

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