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Reptiles and your development

If your phase 1 habitats survey or preliminary ecological appraisal identifies habitat suitable for reptiles or records of reptiles on or near your site, further presence / likely absence surveys will be required.

Reptile surveys can be conducted during suitable weather from mid-March to end June with late season surveys in September. Surveys comprise refugia surveys using artificial cover objects and transect surveys to observe basking animals on the site and in suitable adjoining habitat.

If present we will aim to establish the population size and distribution of reptiles on and near the development site in order to assess the impacts of your proposed development. We will then use this information to help you form an avoidance, mitigation and compensation strategy to minimise the impacts and facilitate a reptile friendly development.

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  • Habitat scoping surveys.
  • Presence / likely absence surveys for slow worm, adder, grass snake & common lizard.
  • Population counts for relative abundance.
  • Population density assessments.
  • Population estimates using capture mark recapture.
  • Telemetry studies.
  • Avoidance, mitigation & compensation strategies.
  • Reasonable Avoidance Measures Method Statements (RAMMS).
  • Reptile fencing installation.
  • Translocations.
  • Destructive searches.
  • Population depletion assessment.
  • Habitat creation and management.
  • Hibernacula design & creation.
  • Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW).
  • Population monitoring.
  • Rare reptile surveys for smooth snake & sand lizard available through our associates.